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This is my Simpsons Trivia page.

Heres how you take the Triva: Get a sheet of paper, and write down all the answers in order then at the bottom of the page click where it says Answers. Then you can grade your self out of ten.


1. In the episode "Make Room For Lisa" what company owns the constitution??

A) Omni Point B) Omni Touch
C) Communication D) Communication Link

2. What is Homer Simpsons middle name??

A) Jay B) None
C) John D) Jim

3. What Canyonero series did Homer buy??

A) F-Series B) L-Series
C) A-Series D) B-Series

4. When Homer changes his name to Max Power where does he say he got his name from??

A) A car B) A cloth dryer
C) A microwave D) A hair dryer

5. In "Lost Our Lisa" what does Lisa get to do alone for the first time??

A) Take a Taxi B) Take Bus
C) Go to the Museum D) Go to the mall

6. In "Girly Edition" what is the name of Homers helper monkey.

A) Chimp B) Mogo
C) Mojo D) Bojo

7. In "The Trouble with Trillions" what country does Burns give the trillion dollar bill to??

A) Cuba B) China
C) Japan D) England

8. In "Simpson Tide" what does Millhouse get that Bart wants??

A) A tattoo B) A earring
C) A credit card D) A DVD

9. In "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson" what broadways play does the Simpsons (except Homer) see??

A) "Hofin'-n-Mouthin B) "Midtown Urine Disposal"
C) "Kicking It D) "Khlau Kalash"

10. In "Miracle on Evergreen Terrace" what color sweeter does Lisa not get because it's burned in the fire??

A) Red B) Yellow
C) Pink D) Green


This Trivia quiz will be updated.