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New Page Title

This is the page where you can find what Simpsons will be on for the week.

This page is closing; I'm going to keep this open for a while though. The page replacing it will be about Simpson's Merchandise.


Better late then never. While there still is a Simpsons Halloween Specail on the way. Although it will be shown first on November 6 at 8:30. This seems like it will be really good, and as always it marks the begining or the Simpsons season, which is also very good.

Preview: The first mini show will be about a computer that takes contol of the Simpsons house, then trys to kill Homer. Next will be about a curse on everyone that Homer ever loves. Then, last, will be about Lisa and Bart both trying to be "Wiz Kids". Well since this describtion kind of sucks heres the one from TV Guide provided by

Pierce Brosnan bonds with the Simpsons in their 12th annual Halloween trilogy.

In "House of Whacks," Brosnan is the voice of UltraHouse 3000, a computer that runs the Simpsons' home. But this is no impersonal machine---it falls in love with Marge and tries to kill Homer.

In "Hex and the City," a curse from a tarot-reading gypsy gives bad luck to those Homer loves, resulting in bizarre physical transformations for his family. What's required to alter the curse, Homer believes, is a leprechaun.

In the finale, magic students Lisa and Bart are competing "Wiz Kids," with Bart seeking to best Lisa in the school talent by aligning with an evil duo (Burns and Smithers) who have a secret agenda.

By Jonah Flynn